Yvette Rioux, CTA PCC

True To You, LLC

Professional Certified Life Coaching Service

“Coaching Clients To Honor Their Own Inner Wisdom”

Stress Less.  Gain Clarity.  Take Action.  Build Confidence.

Ignite Passion.

I believe we have an inner guide that directs us.  Life coaching is a powerful way to discover that “inner knowing”.  Once you tap into it you learn what you really want for yourself, so that you are in alignment with your true self, not the false self the world expects you to be or you feel you have to be.  Life coaching reveals your truth and establishes an action plan to get you to your goals quicker while being your authentic self.   

I live my life practicing mind, body and spirit principles so I am the best version of myself that I can be everyday.  Even when life is a struggle I believe that struggle is actually here to serve us in some way.  I have learned the challenge serves me so I can excel in the present moment.  Once I am living in the “now” I can be my most creative self to achieve my life goals.  My passion is to connect those who walk the same path and use my gift to enhance their lives so they can feel supported while achieving their goals. 

I have experience life coaching in the following areas for personal development:

Life Transitions

Reinventing Yourself

Empty Nest 

Addictions, Drug and Alcohol, Family Members

Depression and Anxiety, Plan For Well Being

Divorce, Single Mom’s, Working Mom’s

Career Planning, Promotion or New Direction

Illness, New Normal, Understanding Limits

Self Esteem, Self Love, Self Care

Mid-Life Changes

Establishing and Executing Goals For When Life Happens

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Life Coaching Sessions are conducted by phone, Skype or in person

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Isn’t it time you gave yourself your time rather then everyone else?


Wouldn’t you love to discover your hearts desires?


Isn’t it time to listen to what you want out of life or even face what you don’t want so you can get there?  


What holds you back from your ambitions?


Do you find yourself knowing what to do to achieve your goals but lacking the ability to get there?


Why put off what matters to you any longer? 


Isn’t it time to invest in yourself before anymore time passes?


Coach Yvette’s BIO

Yvette has dedicated her life both professionally and personally to self-improvement. She is a trained Certified Life Coach, helping clients to remove obstacles that hold them back from achieving desired results.  She obtained her life coaching certification in 2009 through Coach Training Alliance an accredited school with the International Coaching Federation holding the highest degree of ethics and standards in the coaching field. Yvette is the Owner and Executive Director of True To You Life Coaching Service combining her 20+ years work experience in Training and Human Resources where her previous role as Vice President of Human Resources she was directing, managing, coaching, training and assisting companies with personnel development.  Her customized training programs have her audience engaged and motivated into action. 


Yvette specializes in inspirational programs and individual life coaching where inner balance is the focus.  She gives techniques to her clients to improve the relationship with themselves so they can live a more rewarding life rather then having that “less then feeling” telling themselves they need to be, have or do more to be enough!  She guides clients to take care of themselves so they can in turn be stronger to follow their own hearts desires.  They walk away feeling liberated from their new found discoveries applying them to their own lives to reach their goals quicker then they could ever do on their own!

Yvette continues to do her own work to grow herself mind, body and spirit.  She has attended conferences with the most iconic role models in the self help field such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Wayne Dyer (bless his soul), Cheryl Richardson, Sonia Choquette, Louise Hay, Joel Olsteen, Joyce Meyer and many others who continue to offer inspiration for her to evolve herself personally to be the best version of herself professionally.  She has a meditation practice daily, to correct the false perception of self and align with her true self, so she can be fully present with her clients.


Yvette’s goal is to help each of her clients recognize ways in which they can honor their own needs in order to live a more fulfilling life.  With practical tools to apply to everyday life, clients are inspired into action to move past limiting thoughts and fears to a more liberating direction so their goals can be achieved successfully!