“I am so happy with the results of our coaching relationship!  In just a few short months I feel completely empowered to continue on my path where I didn’t even know where to begin when we met!  Thank you for all your support.  The tools I gained are invaluable.”  – Meghan, Administrative Assistant – NY

“Thank you for helping me realize I can be the priority!”  – Kim, Sales Manager – DE

“Fabulous experience that helped me grow!  My most significant break through was I must take care of myself first!  The Best Self Series is off the charts!”   – Inez, Bookkeeper – NJ

“I learned that it is ok to have a relationship with myself because I never considered this before.  The vision board, breathing exercises and positives affirmations are so important to make significant changes.  I would absolutely recommend this series to others.”  – Amy, Family Business Owner – NJ

“I have had two sessions with Yvette and by the end of the first , I already have moved through some blocks that prevented me from stepping in my full expression in my professional life.  Yvette helped me to prioritize, break things down into manageable pieces and bring awareness to what was holding me back.  I’ve been too close to see what I have to do, and have been stuck in the status quo.  I now step into my full potential, creativity and excitement for the future.  Thanks Yvette.  I am spreading the word.”  -Kitty, NCMT, OTR http://www.creative-wellness.net

“Yvette, I just want to thank you for such an inspiring and life changing weekend.  It really moved me and I already feel as though it has propelled me to the next level.  Now with resources tools I walk away recharged, rejuvenated, reconnected and a more peaceful woman.  I am sincerely grateful for this opportunity!  I plan to take what I learned and pay it forward.”  –  Meg, HR – NJ

“My break through was learning to love myself which is hard to do but so important!  I  felt I  could be myself in a safe place where I did not feel judged so I could move forward with my goals.”  Brenda – Doctors Office Receptionist – NJ

“I loved the “aha’s” that came to me by taking the time to listen to myself out loud!  I feel more centered and motivated as I am moving toward my goals.  I could not have done this on my own.  I am truly grateful for our coaching relationship.”  – Deb, School Administration, NJ



― Hope You Enjoy Hearing What Clients Have To Say About What Coaching Can Do For You In Your Life!