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Certified Life Coach
Coach Training Alliance Certified Life Coach

Yvette has dedicated her life both professionally and personally to self-improvement. She is a trained Certified Life Coach, helping clients to remove obstacles that hold them back from achieving desired results.  She obtained her life coaching certification in 2009 through Coach Training Alliance an accredited school with the International Coaching Federation holding the highest degree of ethics and standards in the coaching field. Yvette is the Owner and Executive Director of True To You Life Coaching Service combining her 20+ years work experience in Training and Human Resources where her previous role as Vice President of Human Resources she was directing, managing, coaching, training and assisting companies with personnel development.  Her customized training programs have her audience engaged and motivated into action. 


Yvette specializes in inspirational programs and individual life coaching where inner balance is the focus.  She gives techniques to her clients to improve the relationship with themselves so they can live a more rewarding life rather then having that “less then feeling” telling themselves they need to be, have or do more to be enough!  She guides clients to take care of themselves so they can in turn be stronger to follow their own hearts desires.  They walk away feeling liberated from their new found discoveries applying them to their own lives to reach their goals quicker then they could ever do on their own!

Yvette continues to do her own work to grow herself mind, body and spirit.  She has attended conferences with the most iconic role models in the self help field such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Wayne Dyer (bless his soul), Cheryl Richardson, Sonia Choquette, Louise Hay, Joel Olsteen, Joyce Meyer and many others who continue to offer inspiration for her to evolve herself personally to be the best version of herself professionally.  She has a meditation practice daily, to correct the false perception of self and align with her true self, so she can be fully present with her clients.


Yvette’s goal is to help each of her clients recognize ways in which they can honor their own needs in order to live a more fulfilling life.  With practical tools to apply to everyday life, clients are inspired into action to move past limiting thoughts and fears to a more liberating direction so their goals can be achieved successfully!  

Your role in the coaching relationship is just as important to get your desired results.  Each session you must show up honestly, willing and have a well thought out agenda.  My role is to listen, observe and challenge you to commit to the change you want for yourself.  You may even have an assignment to do in order to get there.  This is a process that takes time and practice.  It is also designed this way because it works!

Reach out to discuss your best option to achieve a plan that works for you.  It is your time to invest in yourself by listening, loving and honoring what is important to you.  I look forward to learning how I can support you in your endeavors.  Together we will create a new beginning for your journey.  Let us begin now.  Why wait?  You are so worth it!


Coaching can be done in person, phone, FaceTime, Skype or Zoom.  The intake session can be up to 90 minutes then subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.  In order to achieve the best results a commitment of a minimum of 90 days is necessary.  Most clients commit to 6, 12 or 18 months on a weekly or biweekly basis.  This allows the clients the time to make significant progress without deviating from the path.  It gives them motivation, support and emotional confidence to create change.  We will create a schedule that works for you.

Pricing is per session and determined by the length of time you need coaching.  Initial first time intakes are $125 (up to 90 minutes) then regular scheduled appointments are $95 per session.  We can work together on the right fit for your budget.


Business – Vision Coaching for the busy entrepreneur and professional includes coaching on stress management, life work balance, highly confidential confidant, brainstorming partner, accountability, positive habits, improve productivity in self and employees, organizational skills, mission statement, company vision, critical path planning, team building and goal setting.

Clients are so busy they barely have time to keep all the balls in the air each day.  They know they have to do something different in order to have more satisfaction in their lives.  They are driven and motivated to make the necessary changes because they are doers, problem solvers and visionaries.

Life Transitions – includes those who are going through a life transition, career or education planning or changes, health and wellness coaching, relationship coaching, mid life, a new move, or an impacting life situation that needs navigation.

Clients know they need the additional support to be able to transition in a healthy, well balanced way.  They know themselves enough to understand their triggers and are willing to take the necessary action to get to the other side of their stressors with coaching.

Personal Development – Coaching individuals to support the following:  self improvement, codependency, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, insecurities, sober coaching, family coaching for loved ones struggling from addictions, spirituality, forgiveness of self and others, self care.

These clients have been working on themselves long enough to know exactly what holds them back.  They have the emotional fortitude to take action to do what it takes to stop the emotional pain and develop healthy coping skills.

Next Step:  Once you are ready to invest in yourself, the next step is to schedule a meet and greet to learn more details at riouxyvette@gmail.com.  Upon completion we will decide the best program suited for your needs.

The goal of True To You is to inspire you to be empowered to see your personal or professional vision through!  Together we can create a more gratifying life for you to enjoy!

Here Is What Some Clients Have To Say About Their Coaching Experience:

I am so happy with the results of our coaching relationship!  In just a few short months I feel completely empowered to continue on my path where I didn’t even know where to begin when we met!  Thank you for all your support.  The tools I gained are invaluable.”  – Meghan, Administrative Assistant – NY

Thank you for helping me realize I can be the priority!  I now am working my dream job and could not be happier!”  – Kimberly, Sales Director – DE

“Fabulous experience that helped me grow!  My most significant break through was I must take care of myself first to achieve the results I want!  Your Best Self Series is off the charts amazing!”   – Inez, Bookkeeper – NJ

“I learned that it is okay to have a relationship with myself because I never considered this before.  The vision board, breathing exercises and positives affirmations are so important to make significant changes.  I would absolutely recommend this experience to others.”  – Amy, Family Business Owner – NJ

“I have had two sessions with Yvette and by the end of the first , I already have moved through some blocks that prevented me from stepping in my full expression in my professional life.  Yvette helped me to prioritize, break things down into manageable pieces and bring awareness to what was holding me back.  I’ve been too close to see what I have to do, and have been stuck in the status quo.  I now step into my full potential, creativity and excitement for the future.  Thanks Yvette.  I am spreading the word.”  -Kitty, NCMT, OTR http://www.creative-wellness.net

“Yvette, I just want to thank you for such an inspiring and life changing weekend.  It really moved me and I already feel as though it has propelled me to the next level.  Now with new resources and tools I walk away recharged, rejuvenated, reconnected and a more peaceful woman.  I am sincerely grateful for this opportunity!  I plan to take what I learned and pay it forward.”  –  Meg, Human Resources NJ

“My break through was learning to love myself which is hard to do but so important!  I  felt with our coaching relationship that I could be myself in a safe place where I did not feel judged so I could move forward with my goals.  I was the one holding me back!”  – Brenda – Doctors Office Receptionist – NJ

“I loved the “aha’s” that came to me by taking the time to listen to myself out loud!  I feel more centered and motivated as I am moving toward my goals.  I could not have done this on my own.  I am truly grateful for our coaching relationship.”  – Deb, School Administration, NJ

“I always knew what I needed to do to make my business a success but everyday their would be fires to put out without the time to reflect on improvement.  Engaging in coaching sessions with Yvette allowed me to focus on what was necessary and separate what was simply not feasible.  I could concentrate on my area of expertise which was increasing sales as opposed to smaller time consuming projects.  I am extremely satisfied with the results of our coaching relationship Yvette!  I am a fan and will continue to recommend!  -Thomas, President – NC

One step at a time you will get to where you want to be. The key is to start!
We can either live or die by the words we tell ourselves. One of the most influential relationships you can have is with yourself. Taking time to notice the messages you say to yourself on a daily basis is important to your own peace of mind. No matter what false beliefs you have picked up along your journey remember you are always enough. You matter. Your work matters. Your life matters. It is never when something extraordinary happens that you can finally be enough. That is false. You are enough just being who you are in this moment right here right now!
Self care is necessary to keeping balance in your life. If you are giving to everyone else but not restoring your own energy eventually you will feel that stress in your mind, body and spirit. It is like the airlines tell us to “put your own oxygen mask on first”. There is a reason specific to life and death when we hear this. Think about the parallel to your own life. If you are living stressed out that isn’t really living either. No one wins because that approach is not sustainable. This is a very difficult transition for people when they are used to giving. Coaching gives you the right tools to be able to turn that way of responding around. Isn’t it time you designed a life you loved?

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