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What Does It Really Mean To “Take Care Of Yourself”?

What does it mean to really take care of yourself in this world today? Life can be so busy! You go along doing your daily routine not really thinking about yourself rather all the tasks at hand. Then it hits you! You realize you… Continue Reading “What Does It Really Mean To “Take Care Of Yourself”?”

Do you find yourself caring too much about what others think of you?

Do you find yourself thinking too much about what others think of you? This is a tough way to live because you never really get to be yourself. You tend to be too preoccupied with others approval not realizing that your own approval is what will bring you the happiness in your life that your desire…

Do You Trust Your Gut When You Feel Red Flags?

Trusting your guts warning about red flags is something that helps to protect you. Sometimes it is not always the thing we do when it comes to listening to ourselves. We may dismiss the way we feel for the good of the situation to later realize we should have listened to our intuition…