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How To Cope When Life Isn’t Going Your Way

How do you cope when life isn’t going your way? It is easier to feel on fire for your life when things are falling into place such as the relationship you want, having the money you need, having a great career, feeling healthy, you… Continue Reading “How To Cope When Life Isn’t Going Your Way”

What Does It Really Mean To “Take Care Of Yourself”?

What does it mean to really take care of yourself in this world today? Life can be so busy! You go along doing your daily routine not really thinking about yourself rather all the tasks at hand. Then it hits you! You realize you… Continue Reading “What Does It Really Mean To “Take Care Of Yourself”?”

Are You Judging Yourself too harshly?

Are you judging yourself too harshly? We tend to be our own worst critics but is that necessarily bringing the desired result? Judgement of oneself or others actually weighs you down. Here are some ways to help turn that inner critic around…

Do you find yourself caring too much about what others think of you?

Do you find yourself thinking too much about what others think of you? This is a tough way to live because you never really get to be yourself. You tend to be too preoccupied with others approval not realizing that your own approval is what will bring you the happiness in your life that your desire…

Do You Know What You Say To Yourself On A Daily Basis Impacts Your Self Esteem?

The messages you tell yourself on a daily basis impacts your self esteem. Have you ever questioned where the messages come from and if they are true for you? We are shaped by our upbringing and environment. We tend to parent ourselves the way we were parented without even realizing it! The voice inside of our head either reinforces self acceptance or delivers self damaging messages. One will leave you feeling good about yourself or the other negative messages tend to make you feel unworthy. There is a way to feel better about yourself and it starts with…