How To Cope When Life Isn’t Going Your Way

How do you cope when life isn’t going your way? It is easier to feel on fire for your life when things are falling into place such as the relationship you want, having the money you need, having a great career, feeling healthy, you have a loving family etc. Sooner or later we all hit those roadblocks in our lives that we must face no matter how painful because life has ups and downs. What then? How do you handle these situations that can feel all consuming. It is like they are on autoplay in the background of your mind as you are out in the world living your life. The good news is you don’t have to stay stuck!

I recently heard that how you see your trials is how you will go through your trials. If you have a fear based mind, that is how you will go through that situation, full of fear. If you have a faith based mindset then you will see your trials through the eyes of faith. Why is this so important? It boils down to how it makes you feel as you walk through it! We all have fear to some degree but if your attitude is one that only sees doom and gloom think about how weighed down you are going to feel. The opposite is true for faith. If you see things working out to your highest and greatest good for all and have faith that this is temporary then you feel uplifted even in the eye of the storm. There are three things that make a positive impact when troubled times come to help you cope. 1. Attitude. 2. Self Talk and 3. Faith.

Let’s start with attitude. Choosing my attitude from the moment I open my eyes makes the world of difference for me. My human side will try to protect me from the situation by using worry as a form of control. The thing is worry will only put you further into the problem and less of the solution. This is where I have to catch those thoughts by choosing my focus. Am I going to focus on the problem or am I going to focus on the solution. Where your mind goes, GROWS! The most important part of choosing my attitude is it makes me feel better. I also am putting positive energy out into the universe which is contagious. It helps me attract more uplifting energy back. Start your morning with an attitude that says this is a new day filled with endless possibilities!

Next, is your self talk. Being able to observe the words you tell yourself is critical to how you handle life. Witness the way you speak to yourself, about yourself. Take time to listen to what you say to yourself on a daily basis. We tend to be our own worst critics. Beating yourself up for something you did or didn’t do will not help the problem be solved. As a matter of fact, it may delay the solution or keep you stuck. When you speak to yourself in a kind and compassionate way your energy raises. You feel encouraged to do whatever necessary action you need to take. Just like you can feel people’s positive energy you can also feel your own. Be your own best friend rather than own your worst enemy. I promise you this is the best gift you could give yourself and you will be far more motivated to deal with your life’s situation.

Finally, keeping the faith. Without faith there is not hope of problems working out. It just seems like nothing will get better. However, scripture tells us “God works all things together for the good”. It is through adversity that faith is built. For me, each season of my life that was difficult I was lead through it by God’s grace. I can look back to see how much I have grown in character and faith in each situation. I encourage you to go to that place that brings you peace and spend some time in stillness. In our busy world of “to do’s” this may seem counter productive but is actually where you can find the solution. When you are filled with hope and peace the answers seem to follow.

Life doesn’t always go the way we planned it but it can also offer surprises you never saw coming. In one instance something can change your entire circumstances! That relationship you wanted appears out of nowhere, the promotion you wanted happens, the money you needed comes through or the illness you had gets cured etc. You just never know what life has in store! Knowing this is just temporary and will pass can help you choose your attitude and improve your self talk all while keeping the faith. You will reap the rewards by embracing these three life changing steps and amaze yourself by seeing you are so much stronger then you think! Literally! Take those thoughts captive. Choose even one of these strategies then watch the miracles unfold.

Thought for the day:

Do I need to look at my own attitude, self talk or faith to improve my life circumstances?

Affirmations to think about:

Everyday I choose to be positive. My attitude is key to my happiness. Things work out better than expected. I try my best. I am being divinely guided. I am keeping the faith things are working out to my highest good. This too shall pass. I am a work in progress. Even if I make a mistake I can begin again. I love myself for trying. I have what it takes. I will not give up. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

One Comment on “How To Cope When Life Isn’t Going Your Way

  1. What a great reminder that we create our own reality. Thank you for your beautiful words. Life is what you make it. Chose happiness ❤️

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