Can An Attitude Of Gratitude Help You In Your Worst Times?

Can an attitude of gratitude help you in your worst times especially when you feel defeated and worn down by life? Have you ever heard of the importance of having an attitude of gratitude when you are going through trials? It can be thrown around in loose terms of “just be grateful for what you have” say when you are going through a financial hardship. Really? Even then? How does this even make sense you think? Or be grateful for the “rest of your health” when you are experiencing cancer or some other health crisis. Or better yet Thank God during these times because He is using it FOR you. How does this make sense when you are suffering?

Through my own life experiences gratitude is never my first choice! It is usually a process that tends to happen over time. My first reaction when I get hit with a problem is wondering how am I going to cope with what is happening. Having tools in your toolbox is the key to deal with life’s ups and downs. The first reaction is usually “not this, not now”! I tend to want it to go away and not deal at all. (Tried that in my youth and it doesn’t work!) My approach is this feel, deal and heal! So I allow myself to process whatever feelings are coming up about what I am dealing with which is so important to getting through it. If you don’t allow those feelings to come up they choose the worst times to reappear! The first action step is to feel whatever you are going through! Use your emotions as a barometer of where you are at mentally. This does not mean react rather observe how you are feeling to give yourself more information.

The next action step for me is to “deal”. This is where you get into the solution part of the problem at hand. You can plan, write, make phone calls, physically take care of yourself so your mental state is on point to deal with what is on hand. Most important for me is my faith and prayer. That is something I do daily no matter what is happening good or bad. You do everything you can to solve what you can and leave the rest in God’s hands. Sometimes you may not be able to personally solve what is happening so even waiting is an action step. You are waiting for more information or time for the issue to be worked out that could not have happened otherwise. Whatever the case you give it your all to deal with it according to what is in your control! Remember, you cannot change people, your past or certain circumstances. You can change what you have the ability to change which is usually yourself and how you react to the situation!

Lastly, you are at the place to heal. This is self care at it’s finest and where gratitude really can help raise your vibrations. You can actually be at a place where you can be grateful for the problem because it is a learning opportunity. My biggest mistakes have had the most impact on me in my life. When I start thinking about what I am grateful for, rather than what is happening to me, it literally makes me feel better. It lifts my spirits where I start to feel joy for the gifts I have been given. It is scientifically proven that we can raise our vibration when we are in this state of mind which means you can attract more of the same energy to you! Try it! I have made myself a gratitude practice where everyday I think of things I am grateful for, so when those harder times hit, I have this to fall back onto without struggling to think about it. By doing this practice, I feel like I am ready to start my day with all good energy creating good vibes all around me. It is an amazing feeling.

Ask yourself what am I grateful for? Start with the love and support of the people in your life. Maybe its your faith or simple things like a roof over your head and running water. We are so blessed in so many ways yet we can get overshadowed by our problems at times. However, that the struggle is where you grow the most! I tell myself that diamonds are built from extreme pressure in the process. This is the same thing that can happen with each and everyone of us. We can use the struggle for the good and take it a step further and be grateful for the struggle! This attitude of gratitude will grow on you the more you practice it and you will be the one who reaps the biggest rewards!

Something to think about:

Do I have a gratitude practice in my life? Is there a time that would work best to do this?


An attitude of gratitude will make me feel good. I am grateful for the awareness that my struggle will serve me in some way. I am a work in progress. I may not be perfect at gratitude but can start the day over filled with this in mind when I choose. I can deal, feel and heal from my trials. I am grateful for all the little things in my life. It is up to me to change my mindset. Progress not perfection. I appreciate myself for all that I have learned over the years. I will continue to use gratitude throughout my day. Gratitude helps me feel good!

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