Do You Realize The Impact You Have On Everyone Around You?

We all have an opportunity to influence the people within our circle positively or negatively.  In our day to day lives this may not even be a thought because you are just busy doing your daily routine as usual.  However, if we step out of our everyday life to give this some thought we will realize just how much what we do and say matters!  Our own words and reactions can make those around us feel good or bad just by how we behave.

Our actions have a ripple effect within our families, friends, social circles, work environment, community and so on.  It all starts with your attitude.  Are you conscious of how you are coming across to others?  Are you being kind?  Are you being impatient?  Are you being helpful or selfish?  Taking time to think about this is very important because it is not just the people around you that are affected but more importantly YOU!  How so?  Well it takes energy to be angry or negative and makes you feel frustrated.  It naturally feels better when you are in a positive state of mind.  You can give the benefit of the doubt to others because you do not get caught up in bitter feelings.  Therefore, you actually feel better by making the decision to be a better person.

When we are being positive in our attitudes it reflects in our actions.  People tend to gravitate towards good energy rather than someone who is impatient, frustrated or negative.  Negativity pulls people down around you and just makes YOU feel bad.  It creates a lower energy that is toxic to those you influence.  It creates shaming feelings for all involved lowering self esteem, creating stress, anxiety, depression, sadness and overall frustration.

Positivity is infectious!  It makes those around you feel uplifted as well as yourself.  It creates an energy force that expands around you.  This is the place where creativity comes from.  When we are being creative we are feeling happy and enjoying ourselves.  Life tends to feel better in this place.  You feel lighter, happier with more contentment regardless of the circumstances you are going through.  It reflects in your overall being mind, body and spirit.

Making a “choice” to be mindful of your own attitude and actions will help you have a more positive outcome in your life.  Take a time out to ask yourself, “how do I want to feel?” or “how do I want others in my life to feel?”  Recognizing this will help guide you to be more conscious of how you feel and influence those around you.  We can’t be positive all the time because we are human.  However, by becoming aware of how we react to situations we can change the trajectory moving forward by not continuing to stay in a negative state of mind.  We can enjoy our lives more when we feel better.  We also have an opportunity to be a blessing to those in our own inner circle which is more gratifying for all.

Something to think about:

How do I want others to feel after being in my company?

Affirming thought:

Today I will be more mindful of my words and actions as I go through my day.  If I fall short of who I want to be, I will begin again, with a more positive attitude.  My intention is to influence others in a good way.  By me doing so I will feel good too.  I have an opportunity to be a blessing to those around me.

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