Who Do You Share Your “Happiness” With?

Recently, I was thinking about what a gift it is to be able to share your happiness with someone. We all need to know there is someone in our corner who has our back no matter what! When you think of those people it is usually those that have helped you in tough times or simply have supported you through different seasons of your life you may have gone through. We need those people who see us in our most vulnerable times and don’t judge us but rather love us unconditionally. They validate our suffering and help find solutions to our problems. They could be family or friends or a mentor but somehow you have a knowing you can trust them. It is also reciprocated by you because of the bonding you share.

When you have a true relationship that you value it is equally important to be able to share your good times with that person too! To share your joy! This inner joy that wells up is so special to feel. We all are made of energy so when we feel this inner happiness we are actually vibrating at the highest levels. In other words, the energy that we our putting out to others is able to be felt. When we are in this joyful zone we can transmit this unseen energy to those around us. It is contagious!

Interestingly enough, I recently met someone special in my life, yet I had not told the group of women I was around, at that time. Someone said to me they could feel how happy I was! Imagine that?! I never said anything to anyone yet my own energy affected them. Not to mention once I did spill the beans two of the women said they have chills! Right there is how our energy is noticeable and can impact others. So my happiness rubbed off on them in a great way! Plus, these were women whom I love and trust have my best interest at heart. They were happy for me! What an amazing feeling for all of us!

It is a blessing to be able to share this with others because it makes you feel good too! To have that person or people in your life that you know will be happy for you too is a win win! In todays world, where people can be easily distracted or caught up in themselves it is priceless to have these relationships in your life. These are the folks you need to cherish because they are there for you for the good times and the bad. Taking time to thank those people for being there for you will also make you feel good as well as them. I know exactly who I can count on to be be happy for me! Do you?

Something to think about:

Who do I want to share my happiness with?

Affirming Message:

It is a gift to share my joy with another. I treat others how I want to be treated. It is a blessing to have people in my life that I can count on. I am grateful for my friendships. I am deserving of good things. Sharing my good news makes me and the other person feel good. I am happy. I am grateful.

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